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Necromancer Priests and the Undead Life God

Gerag, Knight of the Oath, and defender of the common people, stood ready as the hoards of undead assailed him. He laughed as their claws failed to penetrate his armour, and the power of his words kept his strikes true and strong. His companions, his dearest friends, stood arrayed on either side of him, equally at home in the combat.

 Gerag charged, cutting through the mob, and smashing his shoulder into the doors beyond. They shook in their hinges, and Gerag knew his quest to find the necromancer was almost done. They were prepared, with potions to protect them from foul magic, and spells to protect them from the ungodly fear that the man would summon against them.

He smashed one last time against the door, and it gave. The adventurers, true to their cause, charged through the door, ready to put an end to the cackling villain. But that is not what they found.

The man kneeling on the ground was old, yes, and the undead still lurked in the corners of the room. But he held the distinctive sun sign of the True God, and wore the robes of a priest.

"What trickery is this!?" Gerag yelled, his eyes running over the room. "Black mage! Reveal yourself! Do not cower on this holy ground!"

The priest stood, facing the adventurers. "Very well." he said, smiling sadly. "Here I am."

"Illusions!?" Gerag roared, advancing. "Begone from that heathenous guise!"

"No tricks." the man said. "Just truth. Die, in the name of the True God." Light blasted from his hands, blinding the adventurers as the undead closed in.

There are two types of necromancers. Pirate necromancers and priests.

The undead are weak to one thing, almost universally: holy magic. The undead are also notorious for going rogue at inconvenient times. A normal necromancer casts death magic spells, which undead are immune or resistant to. If their minions go rogue, a normal necromancer will have trouble containing them. Not so for priests.

A necromancer priest has enormous support, both from otherworldly forces, and from their own church. They often travel hidden, as pilgrims, disguising their undead with large robes.

More powerful necromancer priests can summon the ghosts of the dead to fight alongside them. The most powerful ones can resurrect angels, and even gods. There has only been one instance of a god being resurrected.

Jivix, the Undead God
All gods are alive, however much it seems they might not be. Even the Drowned God, patron of undead, is alive. Not so with Jivix.

Jivix was a god of life. He had followers all across the world, and they often went on crusades against undead and necromancers. The Church of the True God, still in it's infancy, was attacked. A pair of women, their names lost to history, stood their ground. A paladin, and a necromancer priestess.

Together, these friends (some say lovers) fought their way through hordes of well meaning men and women, towards the back ranks. There, the high priest of jivix stood. They took him hostage, and shouted towards the sky, daring Jivix to come down and face them.

No god would let that stand. He came down, ready to smite the insolent humans. But they were ready, and had the blessing of the True God with them. His powers were useless against them. But he was still a diety of life.

It is said Jivix fought for seven days and nights before finally being killed, the paladin's sword embedded in his skull. The priestess cast a spell, prepared just for this moment. And Jivix, god of life, rose as one of the dead.

He threw himself against his former followers, and they refused to fight him, weeping as they were cut down by their own god.

Jivix now wanders the world, helping people with what is left of his godly powers. He hates the church, but they keep him doing what he loves, and he cannot disobey them. 
If you want your PCs to encounter Jivix, go ahead. His sword can kill with a touch, and his touch can heal any injury.

He can bring 1 creature back from the dead every day, as long as they did not die from old age. If killed, he comes back in one year.

He is very kind and helpful, but does not condone killing. He will not fight except to save a life. He is not alive, and so will flee or disable his attackers if they threaten only him. 

He wants to continue helping people, and to be free of the Church. However, he recognizes that being free is probably not an option, and that he can help more people in their power.

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