Saturday, 29 April 2017

The Not-Mice

They live in the dark cupboards, the cracks between the walls, and under your bed. They eat your food, and you don't see them. Your cat dies after catching a mouse, and you never suspect it might have been poisoned.

Your children complain of small hands skittering over them at night, and you dismiss it as the foolish thoughts of a child.

They come for you in the middle of the night, with poisoned needles and feral grins, and you finally believe.

Cinderella 1950, courtesy of Disney
"No! It's my turn to stab them!"

Nobody knows where the not-mice game from, nobody knows what they want. Anyone who tries to determine their inscrutable goals is found dead soon after.

They are susceptible to the same weaknesses as normal mice, but are far more cunning. Your cat may need to have a protective spell cast on it. They must see you eat the cheese you poisoned before they trust it. Mousetraps must be cleverly disguised.

They are evil and cunning incarnate.


  1. Replies
    1. It's for the world I'm making. The stats are for the RPG I'm designing in that world, which is based of off D&D, made to be simple, as well as made for low-power play (average lvl 1 character has 3-5 health, while most weapons deal 1d6 damage).

      These little guys are meant to be a nasty replacement for early-level enemies like goblins or kobolds: they are sneaky, hard to hit, and deal a decent amount of damage, but only have 1 health each.